Barcelona Medieval Tour

Barcelona Medieval Tour

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We will visit medieval Barcelona and its most important district: El Born. On this visit the secrets and curious stories about Medieval Barcelona. The narrow streets will be revealed.

Barcelona Medieval Tour: We’ll visit medieval Barcelona and discover the history of the most important district in the Middle Ages: El Born. The route comprises the medieval period from the 10th to the 19th century.

We will explain the struggle of social classes in the medieval period: The monks and the kings as a powerful class. Craftsmen as an emerging class and the lower class: poor workers, prostitutes and slaves.

I will explain perfectly the medieval Gothic and how value was assigned after the industrial revolution. We will learn to see a gothic building and a reconstruction in style.

We will visit the most popular and inclusive church from the middle ages until today: Santa Maria del Mar.

We’ll talk about the occupation by King Felipe V of Spain that ultimately changed the shape of the neighborhood. At the end of the route you can create your own souvenir with Medieval designs and you can share it with family and friends!

  • Barrios
    El Born
  • Punto de encuentro
    Plaça del Angel (Exit metro Jaume 1). At the door of the Swiss Hotel
  • Guía
    Mariano Pesin
Opiniones de la ruta
  • Florian

    We had a nice small group, Mariano was in time and in a good mood, so it was interesting and fun. I really enjoyed the details, some special effects – it was really good and in the end with even a refreshment included

  • Willam

    Mariano’s tour was very interesting, and we were introduced to aspects of El Born we would not have noticed by ourselves. Especially the explanations of the street names and the stories behind them were fascinating. Mariano is very friendly and upbeat and ending the tour at the former market with its excavation exhibition was a good idea. We can recommend this tour to those who want an interesting introduction to medieval Barcelona history, linking it to modern Barcelona history. Thank you, Mariano!

  • Michelle

    What a wonderful historian!!! Mariano has such passion for Barcelona! We loved every minute!!! I suggest it to anyone who wants to learn about the large and small details of the old and modern city!!!

  • Lucianne

    Mariano was amazing. He was very knowledgeable of the city and mixed in humor with history. I feel like I got a really good understanding of the history and a feel for the neighborhood we went around in. I had a really great time and highly recommend this tour!

  • Aga

    It was a very interesting and informative tour with Mariano – you can feel his passion for history. We enjoyed the walk and would recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in history of Barcelona/El Born. After that you’ll walk with different eyes through the streets and notice more details. Thank you!

  • Joseph

    Mariano was a great guide that taught us a lot of facts about the el Born neighborhood. I strongly recommend him and the tour is followed by a coffee/beer/water at a nearby bar. We were lucky to have a smaller group resulting in an intimate tour!

  • Dan Linh

    We had a fantastic time together with Mariano. He manages to bring to you the history of El Born in a very interesting and exciting way with fascinating stories and examples which you can see in the architecture of the houses. For us the 2 hours tour passed by so quickly! Mariano is a warm and friendly Person, we can recommend this tour to anyone coming to Barcelona who is interested in the history of El Born. Dear Mariano, thank you so much for the great time we spent with you on the tour!

  • Dana

    진짜 재밌었어요! 마리아노가 영어가 좀 서툴긴 한데 그래서 또박또박 천천히 말해주는게 더 좋았어요 오히려ㅋㅋ 역사책에 나올법한 사실들도 있지만 그거 말고도 구석구석 길마다 얽힌 유래같은거 말해주고 그거의 증거도 보여주는데 정말 소오름…. 그의 역사에 대한 열정이 느껴져서도 좋았구요 바르셀로나랑 저랑 공유하는 비밀이 생긴 느낌이에요!!

  • Dana

    Una muy buena experiencia ,mariano te trasmite su pasión por todo el recorrido y sus amor por Barcelona y la historia de esta, MUY GRATA EXPERIENCIA. Sin duda recomendado.

  • Stan

    We walked through El Born neighborhood with Mariano and he explained the history with photos and detailed explanations. We had the benefit of his knowledge and pleasant interactions. We recommend his tour to anyone who wants to learn about Barcelona.

  • Wejun

    Mariano is really nice and knowledgeable. Also, he answered all my questions patiently all the time! He shared lots of interesting historical stories and explained each detail clearly. Highly recommended for first-time travelers to get to know the history of this city generally! It’s worth the time

  • Anna

    This several hours with Mariano were the most pleasant and interesting experience in Barcelona. I am sure, we will be back to participate in other his projects. Interesting, but not too difficult and dull, full but not too much. Excellent work and great personality. My husband and me happy to know him and we sincerely advise to visit Mariano’s trips.

  • ágata

    O passeio pelo Born foi excepcional. Mariano foi muito simpático e disponível. Ele narrou histórias fantásticas sobre o bairro e a construção da cidade de Barcelona. Vale muito a pena a experiência!

  • Fran

    Mariano is a great tour guide! Extremely knowledgeable and I️ was impressed with fact he learned English in 6 months! Mariano was excited in sharing his love for the Middle Ages of Barcelona. Learned a lot and would HIGHLY recommend this tour. Extremely personable and would do another one of his other tours.

  • Jenise

    Mariano was awesome. Myself and 3 girlfriends went on a very informative and fun experience exploring the history and meaning behind some great buildings and monuments in the El Born area. He even helped with great tapas and churro recommendations! I highly recommend for anyone interested in the local history

  • Jenise

    Mariano was awesome. Myself and 3 girlfriends went on a very informative and fun experience exploring the history and meaning behind some great buildings and monuments in the El Born area. He even helped with great tapas and churro recommendations! I highly recommend for anyone interested in the local history

  • Gulherme

    Mariano was excellent! He points out details that gives you little inside history about certain locations. You leave thinking you are a local. Highly recommend…if there was an option to select different areas for him to lead on a tour I would sign up.

  • Michele

    An interesting tour with a lot of historical information. Was shown some interesting tidbits throughout the neighborhood that you probably wouldn’t otherwise notice. Definitely recommend if you have some time to kill.

  • Patricia

    February 27 was cold and rainy in Barcelona. In fact, by noon there were a few flakes of snow. But this two-hour walk in El Born with historian Mariano was definitely worth getting out for. He is knowledgeable, personable and has seemingly endless fascinating details to share about the streets, the buildings and the people who lived there centuries (Website hidden by Airbnb) well as many frank allusions to current events, which are not only entertaining but also help to put everything into perspective. Young or old, or in-between, this tour will give you insights into Barcelona you will recall for a long time. Mariano is great in both Spanish and English.

  • Shauna

    I highly recommend the tour with Mariano – an in-depth, fascinating, and highly engaging guided exploration of Barcelona’s history, which allows you to notice things that you would otherwise never see or understand in El Born and elsewhere in the city. Lots of interesting stories and details, and remarkable enthusiasm!

  • Ammruta

    This was a wonderful experience! Mariano explains everything is great detail which makes the tour very interesting. We actually start with how Barcelona was formed. You must book this experience without any hesitation. Muchas Gracias Mariano for the fantastic tour today.

  • Alison

    This was a wonderful experience! Mariano explains everything is great detail which makes the tour very interesting. We actually start with how Barcelona was formed. You must book this experience without any hesitation. Muchas Gracias Mariano for the fantastic tour today.

  • Alexis

    Learning about the Born neighborhood and the unique history of Barcelona/Catalonia with Mariano was such a treat! He is incredible knowledgeable an such a friendly person. We took away from the experience a broader and deeper understanding of Gothic architecture and the underlying social and societal movements that influences the rest of Europe and the Western world. Highly highly recommend!

  • Angela

    I highly recommend Mariano’s tour. It was a fun and easy way to get historical background on Barcelona. He clearly enjoys his subject, engages well with his audience and has very deep knowledge. I am so glad that I did it.

  • Cornelia

    Our tour through medieval El Born quarter was very relaxed in a small group of five. Full of interesting details, communication and interaction. We liked it very much and can highly recommend a tour with Mariano.

  • Kris

    So enjoyed our history walk while staying in El Born. We would recommend this to anyone. Not a difficult walk, nor fast paced. Just a fabulous way to spend a few hours learning about this old neighborhood in Spain.
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  • Megan

    This was an awesome tour! My husband and I took this tour the first night we arrived in Barcelona, and we loved learning the history behind the oldest parts of the city. Mariano is very interesting and knowledgeable, and we enjoyed him very much. We learned a good amount of history that we wouldn’t have heard elsewhere-highly recommend if you are a history lover like us!

  • Gail

    Mariano was knowledge, friendly, informative and fun. He answered all our questions with care and attention. He is a historian, and clearly enjoys sharing his passion for understanding the reality of the period his tour cobra. We plan to do another tour with Mariano.

  • Beth

    Mariano’s history tour was wonderful. We walked through the neighborhood and he made the buildings, streets, and history come alive. He tells stories to illustrate the development and time frame of long-ago events. Thanks, Mariano, I highly recommend your tour.

  • Sutza

    My wife and I did the historical tour with Mariano and highly recommend it. Mariano provided an enchanting flow of very interesting facts about Barcelona. These were integral to understanding the often tortured history of this magnificent city. It was like having a very knowledgeable friend giving a private tour. So many symbols of Barcelona’s history are staring you in the face but without Mariano’s easily understood and flowing commentary we would have missed them altogether Thank you Mariano

  • Megan

    Mariano is an all around good guy and knows a lot of interesting details about the area. He paints a picture of the true medieval city and helps you understand the climate and spirit of the region and of Barcelona itself. This tour really enhanced our trip. We felt a deeper understanding and appreciation for the culture of Barcelona and humans in general.

  • Maggie

    Very interesting tour! Mariano was a great guide and we learned a lot. Would definitely recommend this tour if you are interested in history.

  • Dave

    The tour of gotic was really interesting. Mariano was knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about the local history. Was a great way to spend the morning, highly recommended

  • Erin

    Fun walking tour through El Born and the Gothic Quarter. Mariano was very knowledgeable and passionate about the history of the area. A great way to spend the morning!

  • Amy

    Mariano is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic when giving a tour of Barcelona. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the tour and learned a great deal about the city. He really brings the history of Barcelona to life. Mariano’s tour made our vacation a richer experience. Now when we look around the city, we see so much more then we would have before. Totally loved our time on the tour. Mariano’s excitement about the city is contagious and we’re so glad he was our guide. Highly recommend!

  • Paul

    I found this tour very interesting and Mariano was very knowledgeable on the history of the city. By the end of the tour my opinion of the gothic quarter changed in an unexpected and interesting way. Would highly recommend this walking tour to anyone!!

  • Nancy

    Mariano is an exceptional guide and historian. He has been giving tours for years in Spanish, and only recently added these English tours with Air BnB. He really gave us an entirely different perspective on art and architecture. Whether is is a famous Picasso masterpiece or graffiti on a wall, art is meaningless without understanding its context. Who created it? When and why? Art is the expression of the human condition – and in particular, the condition of those who can not be heard otherwise. We must try to listen.

  • Jebran

    This is one of the best tours I have done and Mariano did a really great job! He showed us El Born in Barcelona in such a unique and interesting way. It provided so much insight into the development of the area and the city, with a lot of context which provided so much meaning to our surroundings. Mariano is really passionate and funny and really knows his stuff! When we booked it, it turned out to be just me and my wife on the tour, which was awesome that we got it so personalized. Muchos Gracias, Mariano! 🙂

  • Maria

    Mariano has amazing energy and kept us engaged throughout the tour that we didnt even notice the time go by and were so sad when it ended. We wanted to book more tours with him . He is so knowledgeable and a super nice guy. He made history fun and really made history come alive for us. Thank you Mariano you were the highlight of our trip. ❤

  • Jayne Ann

    Mariano is hugely knowledgable about his subject areas. He is also well spoken and enthusiastic. He made sure that we all were focused on the particular point that he was explaining, and he spoke with great gusto. Mariano shared insights small and large which brought the history to life. He is also a thoroughly nice and very approachable person. Highly recommended for visitors to Barcelona who want to see into its past.

  • Susan

    Mariano has an exceptional understanding of this neighborhood and the twists, turns, architecture, and stories behind El Born’s walls. I was fascinated by his program and learned a lot. As a solo traveler, it was great to meet other tour participants who shared an enthusiasm for learning. You will be engaged, excited and want to return to the area to take some time to learn the streets yourself. Thank you Mariano!

  • Deborah

    This was our second day with Mariano. His presentation was lively, with good information and he entertained our questions thoughtfully. He moved quickly through the neighborhood, illustrating his many points. At the finish he treated us to a coffee! This was much appreciated.

  • Sandra

    Mariano’s 2 hour guided visit of the medieval El Born district was fascinating. It was easy to get caught up in his passion for the history of the area. I would have missed so much just wandering by myself. Another couple cancelled at the last minute, but it wasn’t a problem to do the visit just for me, thank you Mariano. I highly recommend Mariano’s guided visit which adds a great perspective to this wonderful city.

  • Lauren

    Mariano gave us a fabulous tour of El Born, and we learned so much! We had just arrived in Barcelona, and Mariano was so kind and accommodated us moving the tour to our arrival day. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the area and its history is amazing, and the end of the tour was fabulous! I don’t want to ruin the surprise at the end, but it really is incredible to see. Then we went to a cafe and made some post cards and my kids ordered hot chocolate. The whole experience was a real treat!

  • Marcel

    This was a great experience. Mariano is obviously very passionate about Barcelona and did a wonderful job explaining the ElBorn’s history and architecture.

  • Marcel

    This was a great experience. Mariano is obviously very passionate about Barcelona and did a wonderful job explaining the ElBorn’s history and architecture

  • Igor

    Mariano is a nice and positive guy, with very amusing metaphors for describing the architecture of the old city. Go and check how does a building resembles Madonna, but also hear some interesting profs of history always being contemporary.

  • Akshat

    I found Mariano to be knowledgeable, energetic, and funny. He started off with a brief pictorial to set the tone for the tour and gave insights and explanations all throughout.His English was very good, but occasionally, as a bilingual English-Spanish speaker, I helped him find the right words to explain fully what he meant. I definitely recommend this experience.

  • Emma

    We loved this tour! We learned so much about the area as well as Barcelona’s history. Mariano was charismatic and made everything incredibly intersting. We also really appreciated how Mariano tied everything to present day Barcelona. (As a former history major seeing how the past repeats itself is always fascinating). I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in history.

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