Gaudí & Modernism

Gaudí & Modernism

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The modernist movement in its social, political, economical and artistic context.

Gaudí & Modersnism in Barcelona: We organize complete modernist guided-tour (1888-1930). Together, we will discover the modernist period in its social, political, economical and artistic context.
As a result of Barcelona Industrial Revolution the city becomes a modern and international metrópoli were influential artists such as Picasso and Gaudí start to settle down.

During the Modernist Tour we will explain and analyse Antoni Gaudí´s works and the symbology inspired by nature. Gaudí´s sensibility and profound knowledge changed the city for ever. A man who knew how to take advantage of the richest and the most influential people in order to create emblematic modernist buildings.

We will make sure that the Modernist Route will be educational, pleasant and full of interesting facts.

I Will explain the Gaudí´s buildings Casa Batlló and Pedrera. He´s inspired his architecture in nature, becouse of that his building do not have straight lines. You will be an expert in Modernism and in Barcelona.

  • Barrios
    Paseo de Gràcia St.
  • Punto de encuentro
    Paseo de Gràcia St. 3. (In front of Adidas Store)
  • Guía
    Mariano Pesin
  • Material
    Graphics and Photographies
Opiniones de la ruta
  • Emma

    In a word brilliant as it’s not too often someone with seemingly post graduate lecture experience leading you on architectural tour, also is warm and charming. I highly recommend

  • Lynn

    Mariano is not a simple tour guide he is an amazing walking and talking history class! We completely understand all the elements that go into the modernistic style of architecture. We feel enriched knowing more about the history of Barcelona and how the changes it has gone through so affected the architecture over the years!

  • James

    Mariano was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide who gave us such an enjoyable tour. We learned a great deal about modernism and Barcelona and Catalan history and politics as well. We thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it highly. Mariano was terrific and great company as well – we loved the experience.

  • Gabriel

    Er war sehr lebhaft und hatte eine starke Meinung über die gezeigte Architektur und ihre Mäzene. Er verstand es sehr gut, aktuelle und historische Bezüge herzustellen.

  • Libby

    The tour with Mariano was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Mariano provided very helpful political and social context not just for the architecture we viewed, but the current state of Barcelona. I highly recommend!

  • Oren

    Thank you Mariano. The tour gave me a great background and better understanding of Barcelona, not only regarding architecture, but also a wide perspective about political and social issues. It was very interesting.

  • Hille

    Mariano’s tour was a great introduction to Barcelona – I learned so much about the city’s history that makes anything else I’ve seen so much more interesting. Very friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend!

  • Joyce

    Mariano was an excellent tour guide, knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about the history and art of Catelonia. He gave us an understanding of politics then and now and taught us about the art and architecture of Barcelona, which delighted and impressed us throughout our stay as we were able to identify details in architecture we would not have noticed otherwise. He was considerate of tour members, answering our questions, providing a rest stop, and finding places to sit. Ending the tour in the coffee shop/bar of La Pedrera, designed by Gaudi, was genius as we enjoyed Spanish olives and croissants and conversation with Mariano and other guests in a historic building.

  • Joyce

    Excellent and mind blowing tour. You will definitely see Barcelona come to life and open your mind to magical surroundings that you never would have known were there. Mariano is funny, intelligent, and makes historic fun and makes sure you see the hidden treasures until you start pointing them out yourself. Simply awesome. Thank you!!

  • LaDawn

    I learned a lot in a very short tour… I will never look at modernist architecture the same! The brief history of Catalan politics was a bonus. Mariano is very personable and a great conversationalist.

  • Liz

    Mariano’s tour gave us great context which helped us better understand our surroundings and the richness of Barcelona’s history and architecture. It was a slow-paced walk down one important street with many examples of modernist architecture.

  • Anindita

    Highly recommend! We met up with Mariano at the beginning of our Barcelona trip and he gave us an amazing primer about the modernist buildings along with the historical and political subcontexts! Even our teenagers were engaged. Would definitely recommend for anyone visiting the modernist structures!

  • Kolayut

    I came to Barcelona for first time! I just wanted to know basic things of the history. Mariano got me perfect for what I wanted. He was very friendly and relaxed during the tour. I would recommend the tour for a brief visit.

  • Angela

    Fantastic experience! We had a great time on the tour with Mariano. The information and insights he shared gave us context and appreciation for Modernist architecture, and enriched the rest of our time in Barcelona. Mariano’s presentation was fascinating and his enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. This was one of our best memories of Barcelona. I would highly recommend it!

  • Federico

    If you want to learn anything about Barcelona, have a great experience, get amazing tips, or just have a great time walking around town, Marcelo is a great choice. Our whole family had a great time.

  • Heather

    Mariano was an amazing guide. I am really glad I took the time to go on his walking tour the first morning I was in Barcelona. This really set the stage for the rest of my trip. I feel like I now have so much knowledge of the city both past and present. I am able to better understand, admire, question and notice my surroundings. This tour really brought Barcelona to full life. I highly encourage people who love to know the history and deeper structures of a place to go on Mariano’s tour!

  • Maria

    Una experiencia increíble, saber historia detrás de la historia vale la pena. Mariano súper amable y respondió mis preguntas y dudas, explicó todo de forma sencilla y grata. Enseña con pasión y así dan ganas de saber más y más :). Gracias miles!

  • Lawrence

    Mariano is very passionate and knows a lot about Barcelona’s history and modernism. This is the second time we joined his experience, and we really enjoyed it this time too. Recommended for everyone that would like to learn more about Barcelona and the impact it has has over the centuries.

  • Taylor

    Mariano was incredibly knowledgeable, and gave us a lot of background about Catalonia and Barcelona that helped me understand the city better. I’m glad I did this at the beginning of my trip. Definitely recommend.

  • Susan

    Mariano was very knowledgeable about the architecture and he presented it in a fun way. We learned a lot and had a good time.

  • Julie

    My daughter and I were very lucky to have a private tour. Mariano was energetic, a great historian, and entertaining! The thing that I most appreciated about this tour was that I learned a good deal about Gaudi before I visited Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. The walking pace was good and the drink/snacks was a special treat. It was a nice easy tour to start off our first day in Barcelona. Highly recommend!

  • Jeanine

    My daughter and I were very lucky to have a private tour. Mariano was energetic, a great historian, and entertaining! The thing that I most appreciated about this tour was that I learned a good deal about Gaudi before I visited Park Guell and Sagrada Familia. The walking pace was good and the drink/snacks was a special treat. It was a nice easy tour to start off our first day in Barcelona. Highly recommend!

  • Sue

    Mariano was very knowledgeable and passionate about the history of Barcelona. The tour was well paced, informative and fun. We learned so much about modernism and Gaudí. Thank you Mariano!

  • Sonali

    Mariano was a delight. He has so much insight and knowledge of the social, political, and economic conditions of the Modernist and pre-modernist Spain. He speaks passionately and even though his accent is more than noticeable, it does not deter from understanding him. It makes the experience that much more authentic. I definitely recommend this. You will never look at building styles the same way.

  • Erkki

    Go if you’d like to hear the “unofficial version” of Modernism and Gaudí in Catalunya. The greatest value for this tour is that Mariano is not from Spain. This enables him to be more objective and tell you about history through a bystanders perspective. His character and the energy with what he guides you through Passeig de Gràcia will make the tour very memorable. Highly recommended to anyone with some desire for a bit more critical point of view of history instead of the usual superlative infested tours that are offered to the majority of the mass.

  • Laura

    It was everything I hoped it would be. There weren’t any boring textbook stories, the walk was lined with in-depth architectual and historical facts that besides modernism also told the history of Catalonia and Barcelona. If you want to see Gaudi works in Barcelona, go to the tour with Mariano, it will explain a lot.

  • Karen

    He was very informative and it was very educational. Very animated and enthusiastic, friendly and approachable which was very good because we were a little tired, mid-trip, and his enthusiasm was infectious. Had a glimpse of local insight I’d never learn otherwise. Highly recommended.

  • Irene

    It was an extraordinary experience. Mariano is obviously passionate about the history, art and architecture of this amazing city. We have learnt so much in 2 hours, and certainly appreciate more about the culture and history of Barcelona and Catalonia. Gracias.

  • Mathew

    Mariano provides much more than expected or necessary during this engaging tour. Amazingly he managed to capture the attention and imagination of both adults and children whilst describing complex stories. Do this tour as soon as you arrive in Barcelona and then your eyes will be truly open for the remainder of your stay.

  • Margaret

    It’s always a little gift in life when you stumble into meeting a person who will stick you in your memory as someone truly exceptional; Mariano was one these people. We learned more from him inside of two hours together than we had ever really expected. His sense of curiosity and wonder is infectious, and our girls, ages 7 and 11 were totally captured by his sense of humor and his ability to convey stories with such fun and enthusiasm. My wife and I left feeling we wouldn’t ever forget this time in Barcelona, we’d meet up with Mariano again in a second if we could.

  • Suzanne

    It’s always a little gift in life when you stumble into meeting a person who will stick you in your memory as someone truly exceptional; Mariano was one these people. We learned more from him inside of two hours together than we had ever really expected. His sense of curiosity and wonder is infectious, and our girls, ages 7 and 11 were totally captured by his sense of humor and his ability to convey stories with such fun and enthusiasm. My wife and I left feeling we wouldn’t ever forget this time in Barcelona, we’d meet up with Mariano again in a second if we could.

  • Joy

    Mariano is very engaging and enthusiastic about Barcelona’s architecture, history, and culture. We had a wonderful tour of the modernist buildings near Casa Batlló Gaudi and highly recommend it!!

  • Michael

    Incredible walking tour with lots of great information. Mariano was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about everything he showed us. I highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Barcelona.

  • Liz

    Mariano’s enthusiasm about history and culture, political perspectives and representation, is crystal clear as he brings otherwise “pretty” details to a new level of fascinating. We had a small group (4 of us) and felt at ease understanding and asking questions as he toured us along the Passeig de Grácia. I highly recommend his tours and only wish we had more time in town for another one!

  • Lisa

    Excellent source of information. A wealth of knowledge, passionate speaker and easy to listen to. I learnt a lot about his history and art. Fantastic.

  • Josh

    Mariano is a great guide to all-things Modernism and Gaudí. He puts the amazing architecture of Barcelona into cultural, political, and historical context, which allows you to experience the city in a richer way long after the tour is over. He’s very knowledgeable and passionate about Barcelona.

  • Moi

    Mariano gave us a great introduction to the history, both political and social, of modernistic architecture styles in Barcelona. This stood us in good stead for the remainder of our time there.

  • Maria Eugenia

    Una experiencia increible. Nos permitio de manera muy sencilla comprender y aprender acerca de la historia y sociedad de Barcelona. Un paseo maravilloso..que cierra con una invitacion en el cafe de La Pedrera…

  • D´Arcy

    Mariano’s introduction to the city was the perfect way to start our visit. It put so much of what we saw into context. Mariano was engaging and amusing. We really enjoyed our tour.

  • Rami

    Mariano provided a deeply insightful and holistic view in Barcelona and the context for the outstanding architecture and art in the city. He is passionate, knowledgeable and connected well with us including with our younger kids (9 and 11) who took some impressive knowledge with them. We are now continuing to reflect on the insight and uncovering themes as we continue our journey through Barcelona. Highly recommended.

  • Silvana

    Mariano si a very comunicative person and give you a lot of information about history and art. From his very personal point of view!! His guided tour was very useful and informative for me.

  • Keren

    This was a great tour, really informative about the socio, economic and art history of Barcelona. Mariano was very passionate throughout the tour. His English was great. It was only me and my 2 daughters so a private tour in effect! I would definitely recommend the tour. It makes you feel more knowledgable about Barcelona. The time flew. It doesn’t require lots of walking, we walked most of the length of Passeig de Gràcia, it was all about the history and the buildings/land marks. Mariano, we will always look for the flowers!

  • Alison

    Mariano was awesome. He brought depth and context to the architecture, history and culture of Barcelona. His tour was the perfect way to begin my visit to the city! He is passionate about Catalonia and how its history can be seen in Modernism and other urban elements. You will learn a great deal about Barcelona and its people.

  • Patricia

    Perfect introduction to Barcelona. It’s a walking tour, so don’t expect to go inside the houses he’s talking about, but do expect to learn something about the historical and political context of the architecture.

  • Seane

    We took this tour on one of our first evenings after arriving in Barcelona. It was a great introduction to the history of Barcelona and the art that defines the character of the city. It was a lot of information to take in, and Mariano was great at emphasizing the key details and providing personal perspective. We referred back to his descriptions throughout our trip as we noticed aspects of architecture that we never would have noticed on our own. Mariano is a friendly guy, and gives an excellent tour. We look forward to his next English tours on our next trip to Barcelona!

  • Breanne

    Mariano was a passionate and knowledgeable guide. We learned so much during the tour! We spent the rest of our trip admiring all the beautiful architecture in Barcelona with a brand new perspective. I would definitely recommend!

  • Hande

    I would definitely recommend! I’m an architecture student and wanted to learn more about modernism movement in Barcelona. Mariano is very knowledgeable and super engaging. It was a unique and memorable experience!

  • Peg

    It was wonderful, Mariano knows his info & it was enjoyable. The other excellent thing was it wasn’t a big long walk. It was easy & effortless. I highly reccomend.

  • Micaela

    Mariano is an enthusiastic and generous guide with expert knowledge of Barcelona’s modernist and civil history. He provided us (a group of lawyers, doctors, and an art professional) with a high-level tour that culminated with delicious coffees at Gaudi’s Casa Mila. When asked for a tapas recommendation, instead of sending us off to a popular tourist spot, he recommended a delicious culinary hangout visited by Paul Bocuse. The food was off the charts!

  • Anna

    It was an amazing experience in Barcelona, highly recommend to visit it to get basic knowledges and hear a lot of interesting facts about history and art. The guide is full of enthusiasm, you won’t get bored 100%.

  • Dustin

    Mariano gave us an incredible walking tour, complete with a ton of information about Modernist art and how it parallels the current climate of Spain. Absolutely recommend!

  • Victoria

    Mariano is very knowledgeable about history, art and as he will describe, anti-art that encompasses some of the architecture. It was a nice cascade down the street of how modernism developed and I definitely learned something new!

  • Kara

    This was a very engaging tour and included the complexity of both the contemporary and the historical, economic, political and social context of Barcelona as reflected in modernist architecture. My boys were 15 and 13 and both really loved it- the youngest one said he hadn’t expected to learn so much. Mariano was very authentic and engaging and clearly had a broad knowledge that he invited us in to as we soaked in the buildings and dynamics of the street. It made me want to learn more! The small size of group was lovely and we chatted at the cafe for an hour after the tour. Thank you Mariano!

  • Patrick

    Mariano was extremely professional , knowledgeable and entertaining . I highly recommend this tour. after the tour I was able identify and understand details on buildings while walking about other areas in Barcelona.

  • Olivia

    An incredibly informative and educational tour that I would recommend before visiting any of the more popular Modernism sites. Mariano provides meaningful historical context. I imagine his other tours are equally informative and engaging. Must do.

  • Stefan

    Mariano is a very professional historian. The planning was very good. We met exactly at the place and time that was communicated. He explained us everything about the development of the city of Barcelona. Everything also in the economical, social, artistic, cultural, architectural and political context. So within two hours of nice walk through the principal avenue of Barcelona we had a profound knowledge of Barcelona and Spain’s past. Thank you very much for your tour and the lovely invitation for coffee and cake. Best wishes Stefan and Annabelle

  • Chen


  • Shane

    Mariano is a professional. He has done the research and he’s passionate about his subject. He’s also good at synthesizing the information and the stories he tells so that you come away with a good overview of Barcelona’s roots and present day circumstances. This tour was really great.

  • Aline

    This was a really great tour that provided a superb introduction to how modernism came to be in Barcelona and how Gaudí compares to other artists of that time. What was so good was the social, economic and political context that was provided so that we could understand why this type of architecture is so important to Barcelona. Mariano also used his extensive historical knowledge to compare much of the history of the city to what is happening today. We definitely came out of the tour as “little experts” as he said we would , and it was so easy to apply the knowledge we gained when we went off on our way to discover more of Barcelona. Really great and felt like an alternative insight into the city. Thank you Mariano!

  • Neal

    Mariano Provided us with a very good grounding in the context of Gaudi and Spanish Modernism… and how to appreciate why «Gaudi is Gaudi» and very distinct from the Modernist architectural world he lived in. if you are looking for a short introduction into Gaudi’s architecture and the social context his designs were a part of (and part from), and a nice surprise at the end of the tour, Mariano will be your perfect host!

  • Malanie

    This tour is very educational and fun. The cafe stop at the end is also a nice treat. I recommend taking this tour with Mariano!

  • Malanie

    I’m deeply impressed by Mariano’s way of curating the tour – it’s not merely giving away of facts but offering a rich context of multiple dimensions with his unique perspective. It does not only help me understand modernism in architecture, but make it relevant to Barcelona and Spain today. I highly recommend this tour.

  • Haiddi

    Great for getting familiar with Gaudí’s architect. These designs are crazy beautiful in person! Mariano is very knowledgeable with the history and shares different points of view (not just his) on the designs and history. Forget your basic tours. This one is 2 thumbs up! Thank you Mariano!

  • Mirko

    Such a niece tour, Mariano explained in a simple and effective way the subtleties of Modernism in Barcelona that changed completely the perspective of how we see the city now. Recommended!

  • Raul

    La experiencia fue increíble. Barcelona cobró otro sentido y Gaudí también. Mariano conoce del tema a la perfección. Se los recomiendo al 1000%

  • Rita

    Mariano was exceptional and passionate. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and left feeling confident about what I learned. This tour is absolutely worth it and you will not be disappointed. Thanks Mariano.

  • Paulina

    Enjoyed this tour very much! Mariano is very knowledge and has a passion for what he does. This experience was an eye opener.

  • Deidre

    Fun and thoughtful conversation, nice selection of buildings, yummy snack at the end. Like others have said, the host definitely has his strong point of view, but it’s a compelling one. I’d think kids might be bored by the dialog, but we were all adults, and we were engaged.

  • Arul

    Mariano is very knowledgeable and gives his excellent perspective into all aspects of Barcelona. The Gaudi discussions are just the icing on the cake. I will certainly do one of his tours when I’m back!

  • Mercedes

    100% recomendable! Mariano es simpático y apasionado, y te llevará por un recorrido cautivante sobre la historia y la arquitectura de Barcelona. No sólo te llevarás una perspectiva refrescante, sino que aprenderás un montón de detalles que te permitirán seguir conociendo Barcelona con otros ojos.

  • Nicola

    Engaging and enthusiastic host with an unfolding tale of Catalonian history and integrated alliance with Madrid. Deep insight into modernist and Gaudi architecture. Loved every minute!

  • Annemarie

    We had a fantastic experience with Mariano. He is very passionate and so knowledgeable about history, modernisme and Gaudí. He took his time to go beyond the scope of the topics and gave context and history to what we were observing. I highly recommend this experience if you enjoy learning about politics, history, art and architecture.

  • Maxime

    A unique look at modernism from multiple contexts. Mariano’s candid opinions were both humorous and insightful. Time went fast. He brought the small details to life. We left with a greater appreciation of Gaudi’s work and his moment in history.

  • Heeyoun

    Amazing tour to learn about Modernism, Gaudí, and Catalan/Barcelonan history, while seeing the beautiful architectures. Mariano was very entertaining and knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed the tour and would recommend to others for sure.

  • Ritweek

    Mariano is very passionate about his work and helped us see the city’s architecture from a very different perspective. I strongly recomend anyone traveling to barcelona to take this tour.

  • Aubrey

    Mariano will offer you a quick education about why modernism exists, it’s symbols, symbolism and how it lead to the counter-movement in architecture represented by Gaudi. He is able to illustrate this marriage of history, politics, economics, science, art and architecture with contemporary examples everyone can relate to. This is a really great alternative to the crowded interior Gaudí experience and it left me wanting to learn even more about this era in Spanish and world history.

  • Aubrey

    Mariano will offer you a quick education about why modernism exists, it’s symbols, symbolism and how it lead to the counter-movement in architecture represented by Gaudi. He is able to illustrate this marriage of history, politics, economics, science, art and architecture with contemporary examples everyone can relate to. This is a really great alternative to the crowded interior Gaudí experience and it left me wanting to learn even more about this era in Spanish and world history.

  • Emily

    Mariano was a great tour guide. Very passionate and well informed about modernism and Gaudi. We had a great time with him including at the end of tour when we shared a drink together at bar in gaudi building.

  • Maureen

    Expect to stand up for long periods of time without moving as he speaks. Mariano was enthusiastic and prepared with materials but he has some strong opinions. He talked a full hour out on the street a city block away from the Gaudi or modernist buildings. Finally, in the last hour we got to see them. They might have been more easily viewed from across the street rather than straight up. He did finish the tour in a gorgeous cafe.

  • Patrick

    Mariano was great! His tour was the perfect mix of history and art. It really helped us to gain a better understanding of Barcelona’s history and culture along with the impact Gaudi had on the city. Not to mention Mariano is very funny and personable as well! Would highly recommend.

  • Morgan

    We had such a great time on our tour with Mariano! He was extremely knowledgeable and made history exciting. Definitely a great way to see amazing architect and learn about Barcelona’s rich history.

  • Yvette

    Mariano is serious and entertaining. Getting his take on modernism was a highlight of our trip. Expect the unexpected with Mariano. Also, it would be good to take his tour early during your stay in Barcelona because his insights will have you looking for different things than what the «official» tours emphasize.

  • Marsha

    Mariano is serious and entertaining. Getting his take on modernism was a highlight of our trip. Expect the unexpected with Mariano. Also, it would be good to take his tour early during your stay in Barcelona because his insights will have you looking for different things than what the «official» tours emphasize.

  • Cyrus

    This tour was very informative, where we had a comprehensive explanation of the different factors that led to the growth of «Modernista» as an aesthetic movement. The examples that we saw were all accessible within a small area, so there wasn’t too much walking, but the buildings were revealed to us in a sequence. The Gaudi buildings were spectacular, but Mariano managed to show us things that weren’t obvious or evident and this made the tour very worthwhile. The final drink in the cafeteria ofd the Perdrura building was a fitting end to the experience.

  • Linda

    Mariano was an excellent tour guide who was very engaging and passionate about his subject. By the end of the tour, we felt like we truly understood the background and details of modernism (20 points!) and the drink at the end of the tour was a very nice touch. Linda, Tony and Emilia

  • Liz

    Mariano put the topic of modernism and Gaudi into historical perspective. I gained more knowledge about Barcelona than I expected. I loved the end of the experience where we sat in a Gaudi designed cafe to talk about what we had seen.

  • Deborah

    Mariano was a fabulous guide. His knowledge and passion was superbly presented. A definite must for those seeking an understanding about modernism and it’s meaning.

  • Steven

    Mariano gave a passionate lecture on the social, political, and artistic history of modernism in Barcelona. It was told from his singular point of view in a highly engaging manner. I loved it!

  • Indi

    What a great experience. The guide was super enthusiastic and passionate which made this tour a unique experience. I learned so much about gaudi and the history is just fascinating. He shows you a secret way to view gaudis work instead of queuing up for hours and paying extra. Would defo recommend this tour.

  • Marjan

    Mariano was amazing. So knowledgable and fun to be with. I learned tons about the history and the art of Barcelona. Loved every moment of it and time flew by.

  • Carolina

    Un guía verdaderamente apasionado del tema que platica. Fue un gusto poder formar parte del tour, a veces me confundí pero con unas preguntas pude entender lo que quería decir. Realmente sabe mucho de historia y es fascinante ver los puntos que convergen en las fachadas de los edificios modernistas en Barcelona. La forma en que te da a conocer el modernismo y cómo Gaudí se separa de él es algo fenomenal. Acabas con una apreciación entera por Gaudí y de su inclusión del hombre común al arte, una industria que muchas veces es muy exclusiva. También salí con mucha apreciación de Barcelona y su complejidad, que se muestra en las calles que caminas. Me hizo observar cosas que sola no hubiera visto. Muchas gracias Mariano! Me voy de Barcelona queriendo regresar lo más antes posible.

  • Rolando

    Mariano is passionate about the history of the city and the influence it generates in modernism, we learn a lot and even it was a rainy day we enjoyed the experience. Thanks Mariano

  • Deborah

    He really takes the time to give background to his narrative. Though the weather was miserable that day, he did not cut short his presentation, and I felt we got good value for our money.

  • Vibim

    Loved Mariano’s animated Argentinian storytelling, learned so much about modernism and Gaudí and saw many details through his eyes I otherwise would have missed completely. As he is fond of saying, it was FANTASTIC.

  • Andre

    We had a real bad weather day and so the start was a little bit wet. In the beginning Mariano started with a historic and cultural intruduction. It might be for some (at least one of our group) a little bit to much but it’s completly worth to attend because it all fits together in the end. So with this knowing you get a little bit deeper «in Gaudi» and not only his buildings. You get to know about his intensions in true and also what Mariano interprets from things not so clear meant – as art is always a point of view. Mariano was passioned in what he did and had always had an open ear for questions. Coffee in the café located in a Gaudi house in the end included!

  • Agniezka

    We had a blast learning about Barcelona’s history & architecture with Mariano! He was passionate and engaging, and we definitely gained a new perspective of the city and Spain itself. Conversation over coffee afterwards was the cherry on top. It doesn’t matter how much you know about architecture, anyone who’s curious will find the tour both informative and fun.

  • Carrie

    Mariano is a true history lover. He shared his insights passionately and introduced us to a great little spot for coffee after. 🙂

  • Heather

    Mariano is a very enthusiastic and knowledgable tour guide. We had a blast hanging out with him and were able to learn to READ the buildings on paseo de gracia. An awesome experience and an awesome teacher

  • Etienne

    Mariano was wonderful !! We can feel that he loves what he does! And it was amazing to learn a little more about politics, social context and art with him! Totally recommend this experience!

  • Kara

    Mariano helped us really understand the history of Barcelona and showed us aspects of art and architecture that we would not have picked up on if we had seen these landmarks on our own. I highly recommend this tour!

  • Misha

    The title of the experience says it all – this is not a quick look see of the buildings, but a much deeper look at the history and politics surrounding Gaudi’s work. I learned a lot, loved my small group, and would highly recommend this experience!

  • Hemreem

    Mariano is just a darling. His passion for Barcelona’s history is evident from the very minute you get introduced to him and he is engaging from the getgo. I had no idea a single street could ever hold so much history and beauty and thanks to Mariano gained a completely new view of modernism. Moreover, he makes insights and connections that will make your eyes pop and that are so very relevant today- I will keep those a secret. Later on when introduced to Gaudí, someone who we did not know or understand very much prior to the tour, We became mesmerized with his work because Mariano did a fantastic job of explaining the intricacies and complexities behind his work. We were able to enjoy the gorgeous house of bones from then outside probably as much if not more than paying and going in. Gaudí did not even spare the floors of his incredible creativity. The very end of the tour is an absolute treat, you will be taken to another gorgeous building with a stunning cafe and have the opportunity to pick Mariano’s brain further- which he totally welcomes. Wonderful and highly educating experience, we have gained a new appreciation of Barcelona and can not wait to come back and do more tours with Mariano once again!

  • Kathleen

    Mariano’s walking tour was exceptional. His perspective was enlightening, he is passionate about Barcelona and we learned a great deal. The small group allowed for great interaction with Mariano and we highly recommend this tour.

  • Manal

    The tour with Mariano was amazing! He goes into great detail about the history of the local art of Barcelona. A great experience overall with a warm and knowledgable historian! I would definitely recommend this to others seeking to learn a litte more about the art in Barcelona than meets the eye!

  • Alessandra

    What an amazing tour! If you want a different perspective of Barcelona, spending time with Mariano will definitely give you that. I learned a lot in these 2 hours, well beyond my expectations. We really loved this tour and would recommend it.

  • Adam

    Based solely on this experience, my Barcelona trip is complete. I had fun, I learned so much, and I was inspired. Mariano’s presentation was polished, yet very responsive to my questions and comments. I feel like I now have the inside scoop on modernism, Barcelona’s architecture, it’s protagonists (and antagonists), and specifically Gaudi. I won’t give away the end, but the ending alone was worth more than I paid for this experience. Thank you, Mariano, for making my trip to Barcelona special!

  • Kylee

    What a great experience! We are now experts on Barcelona thank you for the wonderful tour! We loved seeing all the beautiful architecture and taking a look in to the stories behind the art! Highly recommended!

  • Suz

    Great tour. Our group consisted of multiple ages and everyone enjoyed the tour details, architecture and information presented. we would recommend this tour

  • Peter

    Mariano is a lively, knowledgeable, passionate guide. His two-hour Modernism tour is full of surprises and lots of new insights for you. But you’ll also find many things that are familiar in Barcelona’s jungle of color.

  • Sohee

    What an incredible way to kick off my barcelona journey. Mariano is absolutely wonderful and passionate about sharing his knowledge. And funny! I highly recommend this tour 🙂

  • Murlidhara

    Mariano is a passionate story teller. The way he organises the tour is quite extraordinary. A section on history followed by the art walk to show case buildings. Have a much better appreciation for Modernism

  • Eddie

    I loved this — what makes the tour so great is Mariano’s enticing passion for not only the artistic expression, but for the intersecting history as well. I would highly recommend taking this tour.

  • Lorena

    Un Tour increíblemente interesante por la explicación no sólo del movimiento sino también contexto histórico, además de muy ameno y divertido.

  • David

    the guy is extremely knowledgeable. he knows a lot about the subject and it’s very academically inclined. he is quite funny and found some really cute Barcelona spots. He found the perfect little coffee shop it was a great way to see gaudi it was a hidden treasure of Barcelona. However, he was very politically oriented. this went along with his academic inclination. It wasnt bad but also not necessary.

  • May

    Highly recommend for anyone interested in learning about the history and architectures of Barcelona. I learned incredibly much about Catalan history. Mariano was clear, dedicated, and humorous at the same time. Although there was a lot of information, he connected moments in history to contemporary issues and artists. This would be a good choice for younger people particularly because of this. I especially appreciated his emphasis of Gaudi’s intention to make art/architecture accessible to the mass even though he was sponsored by private businessman. Generally, it was a wonderful experience. There was also less walking than expected (may be useful for people who are concerned).

  • Amanda

    WHAT FUN!!! At first, I thought, who is this strange man, and what did I get into…? But what a joy to spend 2 hours with our funny host to learn so much about the area, the architecture, and secrets I never would have noticed. Seeing Barcelona through Marciano’s eyes was truly entertaining and informative.

  • Yingying

    Mariano is very knowledgeable. He shared with us the history of Barcelona, and the background of modernism in Barcelona. Mariano’s session provides a different angle to look at the city. Very informative tour!

  • John

    Mariano was great! The tour was fascinating and Mariano provided context and made this educational as well. I’d definitely recommend going on this tour!

  • Malcolm

    Mariano’s personal love and interest in the history of Barcelona and its artists is unique and infectious. He cares that people get a broad yet interesting background of what created the city and the social and historical contexts that give the city its wonderful feel.

  • Mel

    You get to see buildings you walked along a few times already with different eyes. Mariano has a special point of view and sight of some of these buildings that were built in the age of Modernisme (Art Nouveau). He does not concentrate on Modernisme, Gaudi and the fellows of this time only, he deep dives into the history of the city to give you a better insight view. He is very passionate about what he is doing. Thanks Mariano for this unique tour.

  • Xiaoyu

    Mariano is very knowledgeable about the topic and well prepared. He is passionate and very friendly. It is an interesting tour and he is also very helpful in giving suggestions about traveling in the city

  • Eddie

    The tour was a great mix information on history, politics, art and architecture. Mariano has excellent insight. The opportunity to sit and chat in the Gaudí cafe was particularly nice.

  • Daaniel

    Great tour! We learned a lot about Modernism and Gaudi as well as the history of Barcelona over the past 300 years. Very valuable experience and would highly recommend!

  • John

    Excellent experience, Mariano knows the topic well. If youre struggling to appreciate Gaudi, this is money well spent. You will leave with a better understanding of Barcelona and Gaudi.

  • Elyce

    I did this tour on the morning of my birthday and it was the perfect start to the day! Mariano was very knowledgable and explained things in a really fun and interesting way. It was the perfect tour for someone who likes history and architecture and wants to understand the connection to the city!

  • Margaret

    If you want a great way to see some of the architecture of Barcelona and get an insider’s perspective, you should book this!

  • Steven

    Mariano has great passion about Gaudi and provided socio-political context for his work. I genuinely think he gave me a whole new view on modernism and Barcelona. I connected to the city better because of his tour.

  • Gwen

    My favorite tour on my trip to Spain. Mariano will give you a very wholistic history of Barcelona and how it relates to Gaudí. I learned so much and would recommend Mariano’s tour to anyone.

  • Alex

    Mariano was passionate and knowledgeable. Walking 3-5 blocks in 2 hours and seeing things I never would’ve paid attention too was amazing. If you’re into history and architecture, this is an awesome tour!

  • Elena

    It was our first tour in Barcelona and it was a great opportunity to get to know the city better from its historical, political and artistic side!

  • Melissa

    Mariano was very passionate and a great source of knowledge on our Gaudi & Modernism tour. One of the best experiences we had in Barcelona. Highly recommend!! I wish we had found him at the beginning of our trip.

  • Kelly

    We (2 sisters in their 40s and their mother in their 70s) loved this tour. Mariano is passionate and knowledgeable and we felt so much better informed about Barcelona, Modernism and Gaudi when the tour ended. Some of his other tours sound amazing. And I admired his passion in recognising unsung Barcelona héroes.

  • Olivia

    This was a great tour, my husband and I really enjoyed it! Mariano is super enthusiastic and knowledgable and we learned so much about Gaudi from his insights. Mariano is engaging and passionate, and also is happy to let you participate in the discussions with questions. He cares about your individual passions & caters his tour to you. He really puts the historic buildings in context and I have a much greater understanding of modernism in Barcelona from his tour. After the tour he takes you to have coffee in a beautiful spot and he is very generous with his time, he stays for a while to hang out and chat.

  • Anastasios

    The tour with Mariano was amazing and perfectly designed. He has an incredible ability to combine different aspects of culture, architectute, everyday life and history in a captivated narration. The tour was full of new stories revealing the secrets of the buildings, the owners and the architects and all the hidden relations between them! If you really want to recognise from now on a modernist building (I don’t tell you how!!) book your tour with Mariano!

  • Denise

    Excellent description of synergy of history and art in Spain and Barcelona. Made a very complex historical period easy to understand and grasp. Well done!

  • Betsy

    Mariano did a great job of explaining history and art while relating it through modern metaphors. I have a better understanding of Barcelona, Gaudi and modernism now.

  • Willman

    Great time. Allows you to get a greater understanding of Barcelona and how it evolved into the city it is. Plus, Mariano shows you how Barcelona fits into its place in history. Would recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona, especially before you go to Sagrada Familia.

  • Joanna

    A tour with Mariano should be your first stop in Barcelona, he will make sure that the knowledge he has can be applied to the rest of your trip as you leave armed with knowledge of Modernism and Gaudí so you can fully appreciate the city.

  • Kathy

    Mariano provided a great perspective on modernism and Gaudi describing so many elements and the connecting them together. Knowledgeable, passionate and active in sharing the modernism history of Barcelona. Highly recommended!

  • Nerdenne

    We loved the tour and so did our children. There was quite a bit that the children weren’t old enough to understand but Mariano took the time with them on the parts they could grasp. All in all , great tour

  • Rudy

    Mariano’s historical tour of Barcelona was unique. He started punctually and made us feel very welcome and dynamically engaged the entire group. Unlike most of the tours in the area, Mariano engages the group in a way that subtly blends in with the local foot traffic. Lastly, many of the historical anecdotes Mariano would not be facts that you will find in Wikipedia, for example but only an Historian. Totally worth it!

  • Andrew

    We thoroughly enjoyed Mariano’s Gaudi tour. Not only did we learn about the architect himself, but also the broader social, political and cultural contexts surrounding his work. Mariano was a very animated, friendly guide. He provided a deep understanding of the topic, along with a healthy dose of humor. It was an experience we won’t soon forget. Thank you!

  • Savannah

    Mariano is very passionate and knowledge about the art and really helps you to understand and interpret it as well. He told us how we could create our own original souvenir so make sure to bring a piece or two of paper and a colored pencil(s) for your tour, (you’ll regret it if you don’t, but you can also come back to the area if you’re staying around there). Definitely recommend to art enthusiasts and to people who just want to learn because he explains the art in a unique and relatable way that anyone can understand and enjoy! ¡Gracias!

  • Katia

    Very knowledgable tour guide. It was an amazing experience! So glad I decided to do this. Mariano was very passionate about what he was talking about and it really showed and drew the crowd in. Very happy with this tour and highly recommend!

  • Julia

    We have great memories in Barcelona, thanks to Mariano. It was just me and my mate on the tour, so it felt like an exclusive private tour and we may stop and ask anything to Mariano. He loves and adores Gaudi and his excitement was contagious. 2 hours felt actually short as there were so many buildings that we can discuss. Mariano prepare a wonderful surprise at the end and it was a really beautiful ending 🙂 Thanks Mariano, hope to see you again next time!

  • Katherine

    Wonderful tour, really loved the passion for Gaudi Mariano has. Really thought the background history brought a wonderful perspective. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

  • Shelley

    Mariano provided great facts, stories and history about Modernism, Gaudi and Barcelona. He is well versed and knowledgeable about many topics and shared the information in a way that is easy to understand and fun to listen to. Highly recommend this experience!

  • Rita

    Mariano provided an OUTSTANDING experience from the start of the tour where he provided extensive historical perspective to the final stop which included a special treat. He is extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about Gaudi, and though we were already Gaudi fans only from viewing photos of his work, we became more excited as the tour progressed. If you want to learn more about Gaudi and meet a very delightful guy, sign up for Mariano’s tour!

  • John

    Mariano started with a thorough introduction to Gaudi’s historical context, Modernist architecture generally and Gaudi specifically. Very informative, and Mariano brought a lot of passion to the subject. Highly recommend!

  • Rebecca

    Mariano was a phenomenal tour guide, he’s passionate about the art he teaches you about as well as Barcelona as a whole. Would go back 100 times more.

  • Susan

    We appreciated Mariano’s depth of knowledge of history, politics and Catalonia. He brings a fresh perspective to art, both traditional and modernism. With great enthusiasm he brings Gaudí to life. His walking tour was a very rewarding experience.

  • Marc

    Truly one of the greatest experiences we have had so far. Mariano is so passionate and keen to share his passion and knowledge. We came away from our short time with him looking at every building we see very differently! Highly recommend this experience even if you think you have no interest in history or architecture… you will by the end of it!

  • Janice

    Mariano was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about each topic. I would recommend booking this tour if you are in Barcelona!

  • Janne

    Mariano is very knowledgeable and has organised the tour so it all falls into place as you go along. He had created a story about how Gaudí operated and his influence on and inclusion of the workers of Barcelona. Very very interesting and we learnt a lot. Mariano has a nice surprise at the end of the tour . Highly recommended.

  • Betty

    Mariano is very knowledgeable. He shares his insight on Gaudi and Modernism. We even got a bonus at the end, coffee and pastry!

  • Yoona

    Mariano is very passionate and loves what he does. You can just see it. If you really want to know what Barcelona is about, you must take this tour!

  • Batson

    This tour is one of a kind! If you really enjoy art and history, I recommend this 100%. Mariano is extremely knowledgable in these subjects and he will open your eyes by offering deep insight and new perspective.

  • Swantje

    Super netter Führer, sympatisch und wirklich ein Experte. Manchmal lustige und außergewöhnliche Vergleiche bei Architektur und Geschichte. Am Ende gab»s eine Überraschung und tolle Tipps, wo man landestypisch und nicht zu teuer essen kann. Absolut empfehlenswerte Führung.

  • Cassandra

    Very informational and helpful context for understanding a lot of Barcelona’s Architecture. Mariano is very passionate about the subject and keeps it interesting.

  • Jeremy

    Mariano was great! The context he provided painted a great picture and he went above and beyond to accommodate my wife who wasn’t feeling great and needed a bench to rest on during the tour.

  • Nina

    Ich hatte zuvor mit Mariano geschrieben, da wir nicht sicher waren, ob wir den Termin einhalten konnten (unser Flug landete erst ca. 2 Stunden vor dem Beginn) und er half uns dabei, unsere Fahrt vom Flughafen zum Treffpunkt zu organisieren und versicherte mir auch, dass er auf uns warten würde, wenn etwas schief gehen sollte. Also bereits vor Beginn der Entdeckung fühlte ich mich in guten Händen. Die Entdeckung selbst war sehr interessant, viele neue Eindrücke und viele neue Erfahrungen, die es uns ermöglichten, die restlichen Tage in Barcelona mit einem geschulten Auge zu verbringen und wir sahen viele Elemente, die uns Mariano zuvor erklärt hatte auch an anderen Orten der Stadt. Kurz gesagt, es war ein sehr guter Einstieg für die wenigen Tage, die wir in Barcelona verbringen konnten! Außerdem gab er uns am Ende der Tour noch ein paar Tipps für Restaurants in der Umgebung 🙂 Super!

  • Daria

    Until my walking tour with our group who was led by Marciano – I didn’t have such an insightful knowledge of Barcelona and the architecture after having visited the “casa”s and museums. He really took the time to truthfully explain how it all went down in the (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) Enjoyable experience that connects you with the city’s architecture as well as makes you understand why things happened the way they did. Absolutely loved it- unique tour by a truly passionate highly educated man who loves what he does. Cheers!

  • Miranda

    We are a family of 4, my children are 13 and 7. I personally think Mariano have given us a great perspective of the architecture and history of buildings in Barcelona. We enjoyed his detail explanation, my children liked him as well. We will never look at buildings the same after the tour. And I can definitely tell he is passionate with what he’s doing.

  • Sarah

    We really enjoyed this tour. For me, to really appreciate art, I need to understand the historical context behind it. This is exactly what Mariano’s tour does. It is very interesting and you will view the architecture in Barcelona in a different lense after it. Thanks again!

  • Annelise

    I highly recommend this tour with Mariano. His in-depth knowledge made it a very interesting and comprehensive tour. He is a delightful person and made us all feel very welcome. He encouraged questions and Participation. I was impressed by how prepared he was with a binder of MAPS and photographs to help us understand the history, politics, and Socio-economic influences on the art, architecture and culture of Barcelona. It is a fabulous tour!

  • Sam

    My parents took this tour 18mths ago and highly recommended it to my husband and I. Mariano is such a friendly, passionate and knowledgeable guide. This walking tour was a wonderful introduction to Modernist and Gaudi archictecture, delivered with a great sense of humor and imagination. The tour is very informative but not at all boring! I promise you will not look at another period building the same after this tour… you will have your Sherlock Holmes historian hat on! Thanks for a great experience Mariano : )

  • Cass

    Mariano was so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter and we all really enjoyed our time with him. Super friendly and shared his truly unique perspective.

  • Ariel

    Mariano was great! He taught us so much information on a great tour exploring the context of Gaudí and Gaudí. He is very knowledgeable on the history and really conveyed that through his tour!!

  • Patti

    Mariano gave us a warm and highly professional tour. He was funny, well prepared and totally gave us a sound foundation for the rest of our week in Barcelona. He was especially great at giving current day examples to help us understand the context of the time that Gaudi and his fellow architects who designed the amazing buildings in Barcelona. I would recommend him for any tour. A great historian and storyteller.

  • Natalya

    This tour is incredibly informative about modernism and the historical context behind Gaudi’s creations. If you love history, this is the tour to go to! Mariano spent the first hour describing the history of Barcelona and background information about Gaudi. He spent the next hour pointing out the buildings and guiding us through the tour. I would recommend this experience if you enjoy a change from traditional, often boring/surface level tours!

  • Flavio

    The experience was a plus in my stay in Barcelona, Mariano were able to link the past with the present and help us to understand better the political scenario that Barcelona face in the beginning of 20th century, how Gaudi were unique in his style and help me to appreciate even more his work. In the end we have a drink where the group could share their perception and also Mariano were available to answer additional questions. Highly recommend

  • Bruna

    I highly recommend this experience. You can feel Mariano’s passion for the city and it’s history. Definitely changed the way I look at buildings, now I wonder what’s the story behind those walls…

  • Leila

    Mariano was an excellent guide for our group of 20 friends who had come to Spain to attend our wedding! We really enjoyed getting to know some of Barcelona’s architecture and social history through his lens. He sprinkled the tour w a lot of pop references which made it fun!

  • Geoffrey

    A really enjoyable experience. Tons of background and insight as well as a unique perspective. Would highly recommend if you’re interested in the history and politics behind Barcelona’s architecture.

  • Joanna

    Mariano knows his subject. You get real insight in to what was happening at the time. He has a unique way of making you think about what Gaudi was trying to get across and putting perspective on the period. For the historians and fans of architecture this is a must do.

  • Svetlana

    Mariano is a historian and provided a deep context into modernisam, including artistic, historic, political. Very friendly, interactive, knowledgeable. I already recommended his tour to my friends.

  • Anne

    Mariano really is an expert with the topic and from his expertise you can see his own excitement for it. I found the tour very interesting and feel like I learned a lot more about gaudi and barcelonas history.

  • Fiona

    Mariano was exceptionally well informed and passionate about his topic, he made the buildings come to life by ‘reading’ them and explaining the references. We understood details that we would have missed. He filled the tour with a mass of interesting detail and background. Mariano was well researched and also made his talk interesting for non expert listeners.

  • Katey

    I loved this experience! Seeing all the architecture and art throughout the streets of Barcelona is beautiful, and being able to understand the history and background behind it is even better! I can now see the streets of Barcelona (and other places!) with a different perspective. Mariano is so smart and knowledgeable, and he knows how to engage everyone in his little lectures. So much fun! Would 100% recommend.

  • Stacy

    We really enjoyed this tour! Mariano had both passion and deep knowledge of Madrid’s history, modernism, and Gaudi. He very effectively communicated his points through his talks, and I liked his visual aids/maps! Thanks, Mariano.

  • Mara

    This is a must do tour if you are interested in the architecture and design of Gaudi!! Mariano has so much information to share, you will not get this information from books or the internet. It was such a great tour that has made me even more interested in learning more. Mariano had a great personality, was very passionate about architecture, and was engaging. The drink and nibbles at the end of the tour was a nice touch and a great opportunity to look at an interior space of Gaudi when you don’t have time to take tours of the buildings themselves.

  • Flavio

    Looking at Barcelona’s city history through a cultural historian gives you a whole new meaning on the connection between buildings and Time. Excellent!

  • Natalie

    Excelente tour. Muy ilustrativo y Mariano es muy apasionado con el tema. Quedamos con ganas de hacer sus otros tours.

  • Joanna

    This was a great tour – full of interesting background info you won’t find on Wikipedia. Mariano brought his own perspective on modernism, the history of Barcelona, and how it all connected into Gaudi’s work.

  • Bettina

    This was an excellent, passionate talk about Modernisme. Mariano delved back in history to explain the context of this movement in architecture, and we looked at specific buildings on the Passeo de Gracia which explained things in great detail. The surprise at the end (spoiler alert!) is drinks and snacks at the cafe in the Casa Milla. Because this was an English speaking tour it’s also a very sweet way to meet some other travelers. Excellent!!!

  • Ding

    This tour provides insight about the architecture, allowing us to see them with new eyes. It makes significant more sense when Mariano connects economical and social history with the style of the buildings. He is knowledgeable and passionate. Highly recommended!

  • Jonathan

    Mariano was immensely informative and engaging. The historical context he provided about Barcelona and art trends helped us shape a new perspective before studying the architecture and certainly stuck with us- we spent the rest of our days in Barcelona looking for tell-tale signs of modernism in each building we pass! We didn’t read every detail of the tour before booking, and so were happily surprised by the cafe at the end. Overall, this is a great way to appreciate Gaudí while avoiding too many crowds!

  • Vincent

    I really enjoyed learning about Barcelona, Modernism, and Gaudi with Mariano. He packaged an entire university course into a few hours. I especially appreciated his focus on socio-political context to describe the subject matter, which made it a unique experience and built up our knowledge base so that we could also enjoy Barcelona more thoroughly on our own. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone looking to broaden their understanding of these subject and I plan to take more tours with Mariano if possible. Highly recommended.

  • Hielmi

    Highly recommended! Mariano’s tour gave a different perspective to Barcelona and Gaudi. The flow of the tour was also perfectly designed for easier understanding of a topic thats quite foreign to me. Thanks Mariano!

  • Daryl

    Mariano provided a unique historical perspective which added meaning the the architectural sights. Recommended if you want more than just the building styles explained.

  • Sharon

    Mariano is highly experienced, passionate guide offering knowledge about architectural history of Barcelona. If you are into history, architecture and modernism, I highly recommend his tour.

  • Shawn

    Being a fan of Gaudi, I was very excited for this tour. I wasn’t expecting to hear such a fascinating history of Barcelona during the peak of Catalan Modernism at the same time but it was amazing. Even my children aged 8 and 15 stayed engaged the whole time because of the way Mariano presents the architecture and points out features we would never have noticed on our own. Highly recommend.

  • Kanna

    Mariano is extremely knowledgable about the architecture in the city in general! He explained the history of the city as prior knowledge for us to truly be able to appreciate the art. I feel like I’ve become a semi-expert by the end of the tour!! Totally submerged and easy to fall in love with the city, thanks to Mariano!

  • Gytis

    Mariano has a deep knowledge about the history of culture of Barcelona. He’s is passionate about his work and it feels. There were only three of us on the tour on a Sunday morning therefore Mariano took extra effort to make us feel immersed in the experience and we could ask questions whenever we wanted. Highly recommend for someone who’s interested in more of an alternative tour of Barcelona.

  • Stephanie

    Mariano hace que Barcelona, y también el mundo, tomen una nueva dimensión… más real y más auténtica. Vale toda la pena realizar un recorrido con él, aprender a Ver y valorar esta ciudad y su historia, y deconstruir un poco nuestros supuestos sobre el mundo para volverlo a construir sensible y amorosamente de nuevo, nunca esta de más.

  • Margie

    Highly recommended as a first introduction to the historical context of Modernism, when visiting Barcelona. His enthusiasm and way of relating concepts about Modernism (making it real) is phenomenal.

  • Mohamed

    Mariano is a passionate historian. He takes his time to set the narrative and context in the beginning of the tour, which ends up being very informative and useful later on.

  • Kaleigh

    I highly recommend this tour. Mariano is very passionate, informative, and full of knowledge. I learned so much more than just about the architectural work of Gaudi, but also the context and history leading up to and during the Modernist architectural movement. Mariano was really conversational and was more than happy to answer questions throughout the tour and go at our own pace based on the interest. He offers other tours too that I didn’t have time to do, but I’m sure they’re just as awesome, ask him about those!

  • Claire

    We loved this tour. We had been in Barcelona for two days and on our last full day we enjoyed this walking tour with more in-depth explanation immensely. With two teenagers it can be tricky to engage them with the historical sights in any city, but Mariano brought a complex story to life in two hours. The whole family are now enlightened. Great guide. Passionate and using visual prompts to bring history to life. If we were staying longer we would go and discover Picasso as well. Thanks Mariano.

  • Helen

    Wonderful and insightful tour. Mariano was a fantastic guide who explained so much if the history not only of the architecture, and styles, but also of Spanish history. Highly recommend

  • Kyle

    Highly recommend Mariano’s walking tour. He is highly knowledgeable about Barcelona and it’s history, and shares some fantastic unique insight on the city’s culture and architecture. Booked the experience the night before and was still accommodated. Thanks Mariano!

  • Jamie

    Very special experience with a wonderful and passionate guide. He basically summed up a millennium of Catalan history, art, and politics in two hours all while looking at beautiful architecture. Would recommend to anyone especially as a first experience in Barcelona.

  • Lane

    Excellent tour. The information was comprehensive, and included detailed context about not just the architecture, but the problems people faced and how it was expressed in the city and building. Overall highly recommend.

  • Joshua

    Mariano was incredibly knowledgeable about his topic and was able to give us a great means of structuring our understanding around the context that led to the modernism movement and how to “read” that in the architecture. Highly recommend!

  • Myke

    Mariano provided a thorough context for the Modernism & Gaudí tour. He is clearly very passionate about the subject and displayed a deep personal perspective. We were surprised at the details Mariano revealed in the facades- in plain sight but somewhat hidden within the complex modernist style.

  • Linda

    This is the first thing I should have done on arriving in Barcelona. Marino was a most charismatic guide and the tour was great fun. He really shed light on Barcelona, its architecture, history, culture, politics and most of all, the magical world of Gaudi. This tour was a highlight of my trip!

  • Kate

    This tour was a great way to understand the context and development of modernism, and in particular Gaudi’s work. It added a lot to my appreciation of his buildings.

  • Margaret

    Mariano has a great demeanor and really takes pride in his job as an official guide for the city/region. Easy to connect with.

  • Andrew

    We took the tour on 9/16/19 and it couldn’t have been a better experience! He discussed some different view points of Gaudi and the best part was gathering some context to Gaudi’s relationship with Barcelona. The first 30 minutes of the tour was spent laying a foundation and knowledge of the gothic quarter and the expansion which helped understand specific view points throughout the remainder of the tour. Very knowledgeable and took us on a thought provoking journey to develop our own interpretations of the buildings and Gaudi himself. By far and away the best money you could spend in the city. Value for the money! We did the tour on our first full day in Barcelona which was a great idea, as we immediately became immersed into the city and provided some historic context throughout the rest of our trip. A++ service and an enjoyable experience from the instant we booked the trip until we parted ways after a cup of coffee (free of charge) toward the end of the tour in the Mila house!!!

  • Mery Leem

    Mariano was an excellent historian who gave us so much information on not only Gaudi and Modernism, but also the history of Barcelona and Catalunya. He did an amazing job of bringing the history and characters alive and making them relevant to today. It was a most excellent tour, and I’d highly recommend Mariano.

  • Robert

    We loved Mariano’s deep understanding and knowledge of Gaudi. He was very professional and made sure we all understood the concepts he was conveying when talking about modern architecture and Gaudi in Barcelona.

  • Sally

    We loved Mariano’s deep understanding and knowledge of Gaudi. He was very professional and made sure we all understood the concepts he was conveying when talking about modern architecture and Gaudi in Barcelona.

  • Djorn

    Had a fantastic tour with Mariano. Mariano is a historian and the tour he gave us was great because not only he had amazing knowledge about Gaudi and history of Barcelona, he was also interesting in terms of his own personal insight and opinions on the subject. The coffee treat at the end of the tour was an extra treat which was fun especially you get to mingle and socialise with the rest of the participants. Thank you. 🙂

  • Vivianne

    This experience was phenomenal and was the perfect tour for our short trip in Barcelona as it encapsulates the modernism movement and gaudi’s art whilst providing a very broad contextual base!! Mariano was wonderful and very accomodating, our tour was very intimate and entertaining. This is not something to miss!!

  • Anca

    Thought provoking! If you want to flirt with your inner anarchist and deconstruct socio-political context that gave birth to modernist art… this is your tour!

  • Emma

    Mariano was very informative and such a delight! Thorough with details and examples of modernism and the impact of Gaudi and Guell. Highly recommend!

  • Laurie

    Stop reading and book with Mariano. His passion for history and progressive politics makes this a tour with a unique point of view. Utterly fascinating. I hear that’s your phone now Mariano’s warmth and bubbly personality makes you feel like you can be friends forever. The friend who accompanied me on the tour, who has done many tours, said this was the best tour she has ever experienced. I am more an explore by yourself kind of person so I have less to compare it to. But as someone who hates being one of the ‘sheeple’, this kind of experience was custom-tailored for me. I I return and have the time I will definitely book with Mariano again. BRAVO!

  • Valerie

    A throughly enjoyable experience. Mariano was very knowledgable and had in deep understanding of the topics . He provided intelligent narrative that was informative and entertaining. He also took the time to listen to our questions and give thoughtful answers.

  • Loralee

    I really enjoyed this, and learned quite a bit about the political history of modernism in Barcelona. The café we visited at the end was particularly impressive!

  • Shirley

    This was a great starting point for Gaudi and I would highly recommend doing this tour before seeing his architecture because I came away with a greater appreciation and understanding of his work and life. It was informative and opened my eyes to some amazing aspects of Gaudi’s work I had not considered. I was thinking about aspects if what I learned the entire day.

  • Sara

    This was a wonderful tour with great insights into Gaudi and his part in the history of Barcelona along with great information on the political situation throughout the city’s history. Mariano has great passion for his subject and it shows throughout the tour. The cafe at the end was a great treat. It was great to be able to discuss what you had seen etc., plus it felt like you just met a new group of friends. Great

  • Renee

    This was a wonderful tour with great insights into Gaudi and his part in the history of Barcelona along with great information on the political situation throughout the city’s history. Mariano has great passion for his subject and it shows throughout the tour. The cafe at the end was a great treat. It was great to be able to discuss what you had seen etc., plus it felt like you just met a new group of friends. Great

  • Cristina

    I really enjoyed the tour with Mariano. His personal view and his interests in art, architecture and history give the tour a special atmosphere and I learned much in a very easy and comfortable way. Thank you so much for this experience.

  • Emilio

    Mariano covered Barcelona’s transition from medieval trading port, to it’s expansion due to the industrial revolution, to the subsequent class wars, and to modern day. From there we went for an easy walk down the Passieg de Gracia, admiring and learning all about the city’s amazing architecture. Mariano was very knowledgeable and eager to answer anyone’s questions. Highly recommended for the history nerds!

  • Emilio

    Mariano covered Barcelona’s transition from medieval trading port, to it’s expansion due to the industrial revolution, to the subsequent class wars, and to modern day. From there we went for an easy walk down the Passieg de Gracia, admiring and learning all about the city’s amazing architecture. Mariano was very knowledgeable and eager to answer anyone’s questions. Highly recommended for the history nerds!

  • Mattew

    Mariano shared with us his knowledge about the history of Barcelona, modernism and of course about Gaudí. The tour is informative. Join it before actually visiting the city or Gaudí’s masterpieces.

  • Min Yi

    Mariano was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide. He is very passionate and shared with us, a lot about the history and architecture of the place. All in all, he’s a great guy and very friendly and personable! Tour was very enriching and enjoyable. This tour is a must if you’re interested in more than just the facade of Gaudi’s works!

  • David

    It was a great introduction to Modernism and Gaudí, he knew his subject well and spoke with interest, passion and ability. We were lucky to have a personal tour as only my wife and I were on the tour today. A lovely touch was to finish in the café at Casa Milà with a glass of cava. It was a very informative & engaging tour.

  • Hae Won

    You will have a very unique experience with Marano. Especially I like his thoughtful gift which summurizes what he explained during the tour. Muchas gracias. Mariano!!

  • Peter

    Mariano is knowledgeable, friendly and very passionate about sharing his love of Barcelona with people. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Barcelona who is curious about the history and architecture of the city. Mariano also has other tours available. He’s a nice guy, too!

  • Kimberly

    Very informative tour. Mariano was so knowledgeable. Learning about Barcelona’s history and Guadi was fun.We learned about architecture in Barcelona and the expansion and why it happened We saw a few of Gaudi’s buildings and the coffee shop at the end of the tour – in one of Gaudi’s buildings was very cool. . Mariano’s gift was thoughtful and such a great touch.

  • Shanon

    Great knowledge base of the period and gave a fresh perspective on the architecture. He was very passionate and I felt encouraged to pay attention to the fine details of architecture in Barcelona.

  • Jilian

    Unique opportunity to walk Barcelona and get a perspective on how economics, colonialism and gentrification all contributed to the artistic movement of modernism. Mariano does memory work throughout Barcelona and seeks to create narratives from the point of view of less represented groups. As a history person with an interest in urban studies for my adopted hometown of NYC, I was totally engaged and fascinated. Very glad we went!

  • Noivi

    Mariano was the perfect introduction to Barcelona. His tour is a passionate, insightful and at times rebellious perspective of the city, its history, its societal, political and cultural aspects that have shaped it. Through a well structured walk, filled with stories that bring the past and present together Mariano gave us everything necessary to experience Barcelona on our own later. It was a great way to start our vacation. Plus we left feeling we have made a new friend. We strongly recommend his tour.

  • Robert

    Very knowledgeable and engaging guide. Good overview of modernism and history’s effects on architecture. Highly recommend

  • Theresa

    So glad we booked this. Wonderful way to get to know Barcelona.

  • Andrea

    Mariano is an excellent guide, and the route is very interesting. I totally recommend it.

  • Rebecca

    Mariano did a wonderful job and brought architecture history to life, with a critical view on societal influences. Highly recommend!

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